Our son's fight with diabetes

June 2008 my mother passed away. Had it not been for that we may have had another serious problem. You see my wife took home a glucometer found when going through her things to test as she had gestational diabetes about 18 years earlier with our last child Zac. She wanted to test and when she did, Zac saw her and wanted to test as well. What we learned next was shocking. His blood sugar was 525 and probably should have been in diabetic shock.

By the time we got into the doctor we had made some major changes to try to help him. We had started him on OPC-3, a powerful isotonic capable antioxidant, Isochrome, a isotonic chromium and an isotoinic B Complex. We had changed all of our diets to be low glycemic foods and we had done these things from research we had found that best helped diabetics. At this time his high sugar readings were much lower but not to normal levels we had hoped for.

The doctor's test confirmed he was diabetic, but the doc could not tell us if he was type 1 or type 2 so he sent us to an endocrinologist. She diagnosed type 1 and said his pancreas was shutting down and wanted to start him on an insulin pump but also sent us to another doc. By the time we saw the 3rd doc we had added a couple of new supplements and continued the diet. He was taking his sugar 4 times per day at this time. First thing in morning and 2 hours after every meal and was averaging under 120.

One of the new supplements that we added was Curcumin Extreme. After further research I found that this Indian herb from tumeric had been found effective in lab test in stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin so we gave it a try. This seemed to put us over the hump as he really leveled out with fasting levels under 100 and 2 hour levels many times under 100 but mostly under 120.

There is also a tremendous amount of research that I have found supporting that Vitamin D plays a key role in many health challenges including diabetes, so we added 5000 IU of vitamin d daily to his regimen.

It's been almost 2 years now since this shocking discovery and he has not been on insulin to date. Mom keeps a close eye on him and monitors his eating closely and makes sure he takes all the supplements daily. This is not suppose to happen with type 1 but it has worked for us.

I will keep you posted.

5/24/10 Update
No insulin has been taken to date.

Zac's blood sugar reading 2 hours after eating tonight was 98.

Thank God for answered prayers and providing these great supplements!