Are you covering your health challenge with a dirty band aid?

If you are taking prescription drugs for a health challenge you may be covering up your symptoms with a dirty band aid and you're allowing your doctor to do it. Most doctors are going to give you a synthetic drug to cover up the symptom that they found in one or more of the many test they just put you through, rather than find the underlying cause of the symptom. Most drugs are going to deplete your body of important nutrients it needs for optimal health and that is why I call them a dirty band aid.

In the past six years I went through some trying times taking care of parents with failing health and ultimately losing both of my parents. I did not handle all the stress very well and the stress and poor eating habits affected my health. I gained weight, my blood pressure and blood sugar went up and testosterone level went down as all the test the doctor put me through revealed.

Rather than uncover the reasons I had these symptoms the doctor immediately prescribed me blood pressure medication, blood sugar meds and testosterone injections. I was reminded of all the visits that I went on to doctors offices with my parents. Every time they had a new symptom, the doctors prescribed a new drug. Every time the new drug caused a new symptom, the doctors prescribed another drug.

If you really want to maintain health, you need to feed and nourish your body with the things it lacks. If you must take a drug to treat a symptom, you should do your homework to find the underlying cause of your symptom to feed and nourish your body and flush your body of the free radicals that may be causing damage. You should know which nutrients the drug you are taking are depleting and supplement to offset the loss.

Identifying areas of nutrition where you need extra supplementation is a difficult task. Harder still is wading through the vast assortment of vitamins and minerals that claim to improve your health and well-being. The Nutri-Physical Nutritional Analysis, a free tool that can help you choose the proper supplementation regimen based on your diet and lifestyle. The result of your Nutri-Physical are based on overall best fit derived from your answers to a detailed online questionnaire that takes into account diet and exercise, family history personal habits and more.