Moving on to a new phase...

Shannon has been trying to get me out of Houston for 34 years and while it has been a long time coming, we are finally moving out. We just recently purchased a property in Burton, TX that will be our new home. We have big plans for our property as we make it a business venture as well as home.

One thing we are doing is a lavender field, which at this time we have already planted 1000 lavender plants and installed drip line to water all individually. With the lavender, we plan to market our crop and open our field up to pick your own bundles of lavender. We are currently making lavender products like soap, lotion (our top seller), sugar scrubs, bath salts, pure lavender oil, etc... that can all be found on .

The other thing we will be doing with the farm is a wedding venue which we will be using our rustic barn and lavender field as back drops for wedding sites. We also have a lower area around a dry rock creek which can be used for weddings and/or receptions. The old barn provides a really Norman Rockwell rustic looking background that we feel will attract those  looking for that perfect rustic site surrounded by hugh oak trees. We have also added a 1941 Ford tractor to the family that will provide some great picture taking for those rustic weddings.

We have a lot of work to do yet, but we are are on our way. I will continue my civil engineering technical consulting business working from the house in Burton and will build our Market America business with a new group of business owners and shoppers in Washington County. Shannon will be working for an insurance agency of which the owner is also the Washington County Judge.

Hope to invite everyone out in the near future to see our property as we make progress in achieving our goals.

To your success,
Fred and Shannon Lacey