What is the World's Most Potent Anti-aging Nutrient?

It's the strongest Singlet-Oxygen Quencher among anti-aging molecules.

It's protective effect on Human Fibroblasts is much higher than other antioxidants.

It has no-proxidant activity even when subjected to enormous amount of stress from environmental factors and free radicals.

It quenches free radicals both in the water and fat loving zone of the membrane in contrast to most antioxidants, which work either in the inner (Vitamin E and Beta Carotene) or outer (Vitamin C) side of the membrane.

It provides superior Mitochondria Protection.

It reduces DNA damage and premature cell death.

It can cross brain-retinal blood barrier leading to neuro-protective effects and alleviation of eye fatigue.

It is a powerful Anti-Inflammatory.

Astaxanthin is created by microalgae, called the Haematoccous pluvialis. This process occurs when its water supply is depleted, causing it to go into survival mode. Astaxanthin forms a barrier around the algae to protect it from ultraviolet radiation and lack of nutrition.

AstaREAL® astaxanthin is the most studied brand of astaxanthin in the world for applications such as muscle endurance, eye fatigue, diabetes type 2, gastric health and more.

The product that I personally use and recommend is Prime Astaxanthin Cardio & Visual Vitality Formula because it uses AstaReal® astaxanthin in the 6 mg serving, which is superior for promoting optimal cardiovascular function, supporting healthy vision and skin, blood flow and muscular endurance.

Typically other astaxanthin formulations contain only 2-4 mg per serving using lower grade astaxanthin which is an amount which falls short in delivering all possible benefits for the heart, eyes, skin and muscles.